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"Lovely now with anything from a nice steak, to a burrito...a nice wine

for the price. "   ~Wine Enthusiast Magazine



2016 Sauvignon Blanc



The 2016 LK SB is a fresh, crisp, no-oak expression of deliciousness. Bright and light flavors of white peach, honeydew and flinty meyer lemon balance nicely with lovely aromas of ripe peach, and grapefruit.


Here at LK we endeavor to make consistently elegant wines. “Elegant” means wines that are honest, authentic expressions of place, with flavors and aromas that satisfy the palate without overpowering it with heavy alcohol or sugar. Elegant wines are made to complement good food.


Only stainless steel fermentation tanks were used to best display the wine’s elegant palette of flavors and aromas. One sip and you will see what we mean.


The 2016 Napa Valley growing season gave the grapes a pronounced freshness and satisfying balance. Not too heavy, not too light. Just right.


SOURCE: The wine is sourced from handpicked estate vineyards in the heart of Napa Valley’s St Helena and Carneros regions. The area produces Sauvignon Blanc grapes with exceptional mineral and fruit character and sense of place - in keeping with our mission to make wines that are distinctively delicious.


PAIRINGS: Sauvignon Blanc is a delightfully versatile white wine, matching well with many foods and settings. Soft, creamy cheeses and dishes with herbs such as parsley, thyme, mint and rosemary make for a perfect pairing every time.


BLEND: 100% Sauvignon Blanc - Napa Valley / Alcohol 13%


NOSE: Meyer lemon / flint / ripe peach


TASTE: Crisp white peach / honeydew / lemon zest / mineral


CLOSURE: We believe screw caps are best for LK. They’re fully recyclable and are marvelously easy to use. Your wine is just a fresh twist away.

2016 SB

2014 Proprietary Red Wine



Lola Kay 2014 Proprietary Red Wine is a robust California red blend composed of handcrafted Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere.


The 2014 is made in a classically sructured, food-friendly style and it shows remarkable depth, body and delight. And though sweet, heavy-handed red blends are popular these days, that’s not our thing. Instead we make complexity and expressiveness our singular goal. Why? Because we are serious about making fine wine, and we know you want something real.

NOTES: The heart and soul of Lola Kay Red is the fragrant aromatic delight of Cabernet Franc - one of the world’s most elegant wine grape varieties. That’s where we start. Then, to add power, depth and stylish intrigue we acquire small batches of eclectic Bordeaux red varietals to bring the wine into delicious harmony. It’s the blender’s art, and it’s all about balance.


California’s 2014 grape growing season brought near-ideal grape-growing weather. Moderate heat during the day plus cool foggy nghts up and down the California coast are what make our coastal appellations so great for growing fine wine grapes. This LK shows the vintage at its best and we worked hard to make it as rewarding a wine as possible. That being said, given the wine’s considerable power, let it sit in the glass a few minutes before serving - to open up its robust flavors and aromatics.


PAIRINGS: Throw caution to the wind, Serve with whatever pleases your palate. Of course, salty/rich flavors are best. But fresh local bread and cheese make a fine match too.

BLEND:  58% Cabernet Franc / 32% Merlot / 8% Malbec / 1.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 0.5% Carmenere


NOSE: Ripe plum / lavender / baking spice / vanilla / cherry / dark chocolate

TASTE: Raspberry / Vanilla / Red cherry / vanilla / cocoa / spice


CLOSURE: We believe screw caps are best for LK. They’re fully recyclable and are marvelously easy to use. Your wine is just a fresh twist away.


SOURCE: 43.7% Paso Robles & Edna Valley /48.3% Sonoma / 8% Napa Valley

The fruit for the 2014 was harvested from premium low-yield hillside and valley floor vineyards in California’s prestigious Paso Robles, Edna Valley, Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley regions. All lots were meticulously hand selected with the singular goal of maintaining a consistently bright, vivacious style.

2014 Red

Exquisite handcrafted bottlings

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